Trustee competencies - a quick guide

All charities are different and therefore no two trustee boards can be expected to share similar competences among their members. The skills needed to run a local charity with income of under £20,000 a year and no staff are completely different to those needed to run, say, Oxfam or Scope. Or so I’m told... However, although the scale and complexity of the role might change significantly depending on the size, stability and profile of the charity, there is surprising commonality around some of the key competences that all trustees need to exhibit. I would also argue that the state of the organisation can put the spotlight on certain competences more than others, but let’s start by looking at

Sustainability over sandwiches

While businesses are going the extra mile to engage with their communities, some are going even further: amalgamating their CSR practices with talent and leadership development. This echoes what we do at Career Volunteer and so we developed our Lunch & Learn sessions to support businesses taking the first steps in this endeavour as part of their commitment to their communities, their people and their business values. We recently worked with SABMiller to deliver a tailored session for their employees as part of their civil society series. Feedback from our Lunch & Learn sessions show that participants felt more inspired to pursue a trustee role, had a significantly better understanding of h

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