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                Making pro bono your business



Our flagship SMaRT (Senior Managers Recruited as Trustees) Programme develops and engages emerging and established leaders with civil society through preparing and placing talented individuals into non profit board roles.  This includes Trustees, Chairs, Committee & Advisory Board Members, and Social Enterprise Boards. 

Working on a personal level with each employee, this 12 month programme prepares, places and supports them in their non profit board role.



We offer short term assignments and ‘lend’ your talented employees to the non profit sector.  Your employees can help to innovate, mentor or assist on a specific technical project. Opportunities focus on key areas including:


  • Strategy & Planning 

  • Human capital

  • Financial sustainability

  • Operations management

  • Impact assessment 


Our programmes ensure that you retain momentum and have the resource of an active project management team. We offer a bespoke service, specifically tailored to your objectives and those of your employees. 


Looking to tackle a long term social issue? We help to establish a vision and definition for your project, identify and vet potential partners and manage logistics and implementation for wide ranging projects to effect social change. 

By approaching social issues as business objectives, your business can address external problems which have a long term positive impact on your business. Shared value partnerships help to build businesses which live and breathe their values. 



Our team are immersed in the non profit sector – whether you’re looking for guidance on workplace giving, volunteering programmes, civic society trends, or information sessions. 

We provide professional expertise and insight into civil society, whatever your objectives.

  • Empower employees to effect positive change 

  • Create value-led workforces with diverse skills and experience

  • Engage with the voluntary sector in a revolutionary way

  • Transcend leadership development, employee engagement and CSR goals

  • Attract and retain the best talent

  • Contribute directly to the bottom line